Friday, February 3, 2012

Kinsey's Super Yummy Top 10 - Healthy Eating

Hey ladies!

So. We have embarked deep into the 2012 calendar year, which means… some of us have already cheated a little on our New Year’s Resolutions.  I know that one of my resolutions was to be healthier in 2012, and what with beginning-of-the-year festivities, my obsession with frozen yogurt, etc., it’s sometimes hard to keep focused on eating healthily and staying active!  Well...To combat this mid-winter lack of focus, I’ve compiled a list of my top 10 favorite healthy foods, which not only taste super yummy, but are good for us too :)

10. Celery and peanut butter: Celery provides our bodies with fiber and vitamin C, and when paired with peanut butter (crunchy all the way) it’s a great snack!

9. Dried apricots: Apricots are a great source of vitamin A!

8. Fresh edamame: Ok, stay with me on this one. Edamame is soybeans, picked before they’re mature so they’re bright green and soft.  They’re a great source of protein and (in my opinion) really tasty. Try it, and if you don’t like it… you can send your leftovers my way ;)

7. Pears: I always used to be afraid of eating the skin, but as long as you wash them, you can eat pears just like an apple!

6. Beef jerky: Not only is jerky high in protein, but it has a relatively low fat content as well. And it just makes you feel super rustic while you’re eating it ;)

5. String cheese: my favorite brand is Frigo Cheese Heads. Try them. Your life will be changed. (well, maybe it’s not that drastic, but they’re pretty awesome)

4. Hummus and carrot sticks: I never thought of using carrots as a vehicle for hummus until recently, but they are so yummy together!

3. Blueberries: these have tons of antioxidants, which function to help our bodies in many ways including improving the health of our digestive tracts and nervous systems!

2. Low-fat Greek yogurt: Greek yogurt is so rich and creamy!  Fage makes some good stuff, and if you’re feeling really scandalous, The Greek Gods Honey Strawberry is FABULOUS. Pretty sure they don’t make a low-fat variety, though, so be prepared for calorie shock!

1. Stacy’s pita chips:  I AM OBSESSED. My favorite flavor is Cinnamon Sugar, but the Simply Naked ones are delicious as well. Don’t go too overboard and eat half the bag… that’s not conducive to healthy eating ;)

Well, that’s all for now! I’d love some feedback to hear about some of your favorite healthy foods.  Happy snacking!

Kinsey Crow is a college freshman at Auburn University in Auburn, Alabama majoring in Nursing. Originally from Mount Vernon, Ohio, Kinsey was a participant in the Distinguished Young Women program and was selected as the Distinguished Young Woman of Ohio for 2011. Learn more about Kinsey here!

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