Friday, December 7, 2012

Finals Prep - by Lauren

Top 10 Things to do to Relax During the Weeks Leading Up to Finals

1. Make a list of things to accomplish/goals
If you know that you have a busy week coming up, write a list out of everything you need to accomplish. You will be able to prioritize the most important things and see where you have free time available to relax!

2. Stay organized
Clutter can cause unwanted stress. Keep all of your notes with their books so you will know where to find everything when you are ready to study.

3. Dinner out with friends
Take a quick hour study break away from your books and enjoy a nice meal with friends. Enjoy all the laughter, dig in to some good food and give your mind a rest from studying. Short breaks like these can help you regain your focus. 

4. Snack while you study
Food is our bodies key source of energy. Fuel your brain with the power it needs to absorb all of those vocab words, diagrams and formulas! 

5. Yoga
Yoga allows you to concentrate on yourself, while incorporating relaxing breathing techniques. 

6. Running, dancing, any kind of exercise!
Exercising can boost your energy and make focusing easier. It is also a nice study break.

7. Set aside 30 minutes to do something fun
Another easy break that you can work into your studying.

8. Sleep
Although it may appear difficult to get the recommended hours of sleep while balancing studying, it is important to let your mind and body relax. Cramming the night before the test and getting few hours of sleep can be harmful to your body and your final grade. To avoid this, begin studying 1 – 2 weeks ahead of time.

9. Eat healthy
Eat a solid meal the night before with some good carbohydrates and proteins. Try to avoid sugary candies and sweets to prevent jittery nerves or even sugar crashes later. Be sure to drink plenty of water as well to avoid headaches!

10. Dress for the test
Wear something you love to the test! Being confident in your own skin will allow your confidence level to boost for the test. Whether you’re wearing your favorite shirt and jeans or your most comfortable sweats and hoodie, dress for the test in your own way!

Lauren Hoppa is a college freshman at Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, Oklahoma majoring in Athletic Training. Originally from Parker, Colorado, Lauren was a participant in the Distinguished Young Women program and was selected as the Distinguished Young Woman of Colorado for 2012. Learn more about Lauren here!

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